Youth Programs

The St. John’s Rod and Gun Club supports a flourishing and enthusiastic junior membership, backed by reduced membership fees, 50% reduction in clay target costs, dedicated junior events and mentorship in firearms discipline and responsibility.

Junior members are aged 18 and below and, under the current regulations, require close adult supervision while using the Club’s facilities. A junior may use the Club’s ranges with reduced supervision if in possession of a Federal Minor’s Licence. The Club’s Range Safety Officers can assist juniors over the age of 12 in the applications for the Canada Firearms Safety Certificate Course and the Minor’s Licence.

Some current junior activities include:

The Club’s Range Safety Officers are available to assist junior or family activities and can provide guidance to beginners and interested members of the community. Instructors will provide firearms for Junior use during instruction since young people are not permitted to own firearms. Licensed juniors may use borrowed firearms at the range.

Transportation to the Club is sometimes a problem for Juniors, but with parental approval instructors are willing to help with transportation, if convenient.

Ammunition is usually supplied by the instructor at cost price, while licensed juniors may purchase and use their own ammunition. Every effort is made to keep costs down and the Club provides generous discounts on targets and registration fees. Instructors are all volunteers.


Juniors wishing to take part in the Club’s programs are asked to register with the Youth Co-ordinator, a parent or guardian should also be present. This is an opportunity to explain the workings of the legislation and the operations of the Club and to answer any questions.

To register contact the Youth Co-ordinator -


Club Activities for Juniors

Juniors shoot regularly through out the year as a group under the guidance of the Youth Co-ordinator or Club Range Safety Officers. They may also participate in Club events in conjunction with parents or other adult members. Juniors wishing to participate in the club Junior Programs are required to register with the Youth Co-ordinator and attend an initial information session with a parent or guardian.

Introduction to Marksmanship

A short training course designed to assist novices learn the basics of firearms safety and responsibility leading to the awarding of the Federal Minor’s Licence. This course would be suitable for those interested in doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award at the Bronze level.

Recreational Shooting Program

A year round activity for those wishing to shoot on a regular basis. The junior group comes together, usually once a week to practice on the shotgun or rifle ranges and take part in the scheduled Club events. Range activity is curtailed in the winter due to lack of daylight and weather constraints, but indoor activities continue with air gun competitions, firearms maintenance, reloading and Safety Officer training.


GunQuest is a new, non competitive set of challenges designed to provide a shooting adventure for Club juniors. It covers the whole range of Club activities, including membership and licensing. There is no age limit or time limit. Juniors engage in the challenge under the mentorship of any adult member of the Club. Instructors are available as mentors for independent juniors. There are three levels; Musketeer, Gunner and Marksman, with awards and trophies on the completion of each level. The challenges are recorded in the official GunQuest Passport, available on registration.

For further information and details on the challenges visit the GunQuest page.


For further information: contact the Youth Co-ordinator


Additional guidance on firearms activities for young people may be obtained through these links:





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