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RANGE B CLOSED until further notice

Repairs are continuing on Range B. The new 50m backstop is in, as well as the in-ground support for the new target stand. 

There have been delays due to the heavy rainfall we have had so far this summer. Drainage has been improved substantially, but more remains to be done. At the moment, the 100 yard target stand is down, while a better ditch is constructed. New culvert has been installed at the 100 yard-200 yard "road" area. And new culverts are in place at the 50m backstop. The range floor down to 50m has been upgraded. 

Considerable uncertainty remains as to when B will re-open. One, we need to coordinate with Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) to get an inspection of the new 50m backstop. Second, repairs are needed to the side berm between B and C, that will necessitate the closing of both ranges. The Board will need to weigh the options of how to proceed. It may be more cost effective to push on with repairs. 

We fully understand that members activities are interrupted by the repairs. We are also members who like to use Range B. Some of the repairs are mandated by the CFO, and others are ones we have undertaken to improve safety and the user experience on the ranges. 

Please make sure that you check these Posts + the calendar before going out to the range. The down time for Range B has been extended on the events calendar till the end of July. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Board of SJRGC




Trapshooting Sunday, July 14, 2024
Trapshooting is a go for Sunday. Setup is at 11AM. Shooting at noon.  See you at the shoot. 
Trap Committee

NEW Introduction to IDPA

IDPANL is pleased to announce an Introduction to IDPA event, scheduled for Sunday, 21 July 2024. Join us from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to learn about action shooting and to try this exciting and dynamic sport.
IDPA is a handgun-centric shooting sport where courses of fire (or stages) are a mix of drills (standards) meant to improve and challenge your handgun skills as well as simulated self-defense scenarios. It was designed to be enjoyable to shooters of all skill levels, emphasizing social interaction and camaraderie rather than competition equipment or gamesmanship. If you’re bored of shooting bullseyes at static paper targets, or want to try shooting on the move, or to improve or expand your handgun skills, or you want to combine shooting with creative scenarios, then this is the sport for you.
Handgun shooting is of course the primary focus of the sport, but our club also regularly hosts events that include shotguns, pistol caliber carbines, and rifle caliber carbines. Even, on occasion, military surplus firearms and the guns of the Old West. Reactive steel targets, moving targets, disappearing targets, we have it all.
The agenda of the day will include a review of safety principles, some of the more important rules, scoring, and live fire stages.
First time and seasoned shooters are welcome! No previous experience is necessary and all equipment will be available on site. You will need to supply your own ammunition, the most popular choices being 9x19mm, .40S&W and .45ACP. 100 rounds will suffice if you intend to try all of the available courses of fire.
If you want to bring your own centerfire pistol and gear, that’s okay too, but please leave it in your vehicle until directed by a Safety Officer. All live fire shooting will be conducted under the immediate supervision of one or more qualified Safety Officers.
There is no fee, but advance registration is encouraged, so that we can have a fair idea of how many people are attending. Please send an e-mail to ‘’ to indicate your interest.

REMINDER Wednesday Evening Sporting Clays

Beginning on Wednesday, May 29th,  evening sporting clays will begin. Unless, the weather is terrible it will go ahead. We will announce cancellations via an email, cub website and club calendar. Otherwise it is going ahead.

A snack is available for $5 (including juniors). Registration and shooting opens at 4 pm but you can come later depending on your work schedule. We will shoot as many targets as the evening light allows. Target fees are $16 or 2 card punches. Juniors shoot fees are half price.

Remember to bring your ammo (#7 1/2 shot or smaller) as well as eye and ear protection. Also a good idea to bring a refillable water container. We will have dispensable water there but no bottled water. All members welcome.

Sporting Clays Exec.


This course is a prerequisite to compete in the action shooting sport known as IPSC. The International Practical Shooting Confederation. This is a worldwide sport that combines accuracy, speed and power into a friendly, yet relaxing, sport. The objectives of the Black Badge Course are to teach the shooter how to safely operate and shoot a firearm in this sport. These firearm skills are taught in a safe, constructive manner that keeps safety as the primary concern. There are lessons that outline the rules of the sport as well as the scoring system that is used. If you own a handgun or pcc and want to learn how to safely use it, while enjoying an action shooting sport - this is the place for you. You can register here and once we have your contact information, someone will reach out to collect further information, process your payments and then send you the necessary course materials that are needed to complete the course. Send payment of $150.00 to



1) The new Board has been meeting monthly in person and has had one on-line meeting to address an urgent matter. The operations of the Board have changed somewhat as we have adopted a more formal structure for full meetings, based on Robert's Rules. The most significant change is the monthly Treasurer's update. Heads of Committees also report monthly, wherein those who are on the Board report directly, while those not on the Board report via an appointed Board member. These measures were taken to keep all of the Board fully informed and educated in the way all aspects of the Club function.


2) Another change in the management of the club is that all fees collected by the various groups (Trap, Sporting Clays, Archery, Rifle/Pistol) be paid to the Treasurer at the end of each month. These monies must also include documentation of the number and names of the participants, and if they are club members or guests. For Trap and Sporting Clays there is a significant amount of Club money that must be recovered for clay targets: this year with the Atlantic Trap Championships being held here ~ $45K.


3) The Club website has undergone some changes in structure that are meant to provide information to the user in an easier fashion. We are also going through the existing content and updating or removing material.


4) Orientations continue to be held on the first Sunday of each month. We are trying to ensure that Members of the Board, representing the various groups in the Club, are present. This way our incoming member's get to meet a few of the Board, and the Board members can better explain the intricacies of their own groups.


5) Safety is a of prime importance to us all, so we are updating information and signage in areas where we felt there was a need. We are also updating our first aid kits and AED machines.


6) Based on the Chief Firearms Office inspection of the range last year, we are beginning to start repairs. These repairs impact primarily on Range B, Range C and Range A.  Work on Range B down to 50m will start on June 24th. This involves relocating the backstop at "50" yards, and installation of a new target stand at 50m. Upgrades to drainage and the range floor will be made at the same time. Additional maintenance will also be taking place on the Long Branch and main Clubhouse.


7) We have changed the way we rent the range facilities to outside organizations. These fall into 2 categories: law enforcement groups; and security companies. We are charging on a daily basis now, with the anticipation that the extra income will help us maintain the ranges and keep our membership fees low.


8) The Club continues to co-operate with the Provincial Wildlife division in supporting the BOW and Youth programs. A successful BOW event was held in May, and the Youth event will take place in late August.


9) We have been in contact with our insurer, National Firearms Association, and they will be running an RSO course for us in late July. This has restricted numbers, but we should be able to have some participants in that qualify to offer the course in-house.


10) We are in communication with the NFA about the details of our coverage. This has lead us to hire a legal consultant to rewrite our contracts with external bodies and also advise us on waivers for external users of the range. 

REMINDER Tuesday Evening Steel Challenge

The Club holds a Steel Challenge Event, every Tuesday night from 5 - 8pm, on Range C, weather permitting. 

Steel Challenge has set courses of 5 steel targets set up at distanced from 11 to 25m away. It is shot from a fixed position. It can be shot with pistol, PCC (pistol caliber carbine) or .22 rifle. 

It involves shooting the course 5 times, with the 4 best used to calculate the final score. A minimum of 2 courses of fire are used per match. For pistol or PCC you generally need 5 magazines. Pistol or revolver are drawn from a holster. 

Good ear protection and ballistic rated eye protection are required. 

Contact - Monty Petipas. 


Orientation - Sunday July 7th, will go ahead weather permitting. 
Check SJRC webpage before coming out. 
Meet in the main clubhouse starting at 930 to fill in applications and make payments.
Orientation begins at 10am. 
Should it become necessary for us to cancel this orientation, could you please email (our General Enquiries address) and indicate if you are intending to come this Orientation

2024 Trap Shooting Season


The 2024 trapshooting season at the St. John's Rod and Gun Club kicks off on Sunday, April 21 with the Dianne Wood Memorial Shoot.

Dianne lived in London, Ontario and sadly lost her battle with cancer on December 23, 2023. Along with husband Jim, they attended many Atlantic Provinces Trapshooting Championships. We always looked forward to welcoming Dianne, husband Jim, and the many other out of province shooters that Dianne no doubt had some part in convincing to attend our shoot. 

Please join us as we remember a wonderful person and dear friend.

2024 Trapshooting Season Details

Organized trapshoots will take place on Sundays from 12 noon to 4 PM.

The cost of of clay targets are up and we will have a small price adjustment this year. The cost is $7 for a round of 25 targets if paying with cash. A 12 round trap card can be purchased for $75 and offers shooters a small break on the price of shooting.

Shooters must provide their own ammunition - 7 1/2  or 8 size shot only. Eye and ear protection is mandatory.

If you have any questions on trapshooting at the club, or if you're new and want to give it a try, contact the Trap Committee - Andrea, Troy or Christian. See contact info on the club's contact page.

We also have a full slate of ATA registered shoots scheduled for this season. The NL Provincial Trapshooting Championships will take place on July 21 and the club will host the Atlantic Provinces Trapshooting Championships on August 28 - September 1.

2024 ATA Registered Shoot Schedule

April 21
Dianne's Shoot. In Memory of Dianne Wood.
50 Singles, 50 Handicap, 50 Doubles

May 26
National Trap Day
50 Singles, 50 Handicap, 50 Doubles

June 16
Eastern Classic
100 Singles, 100 Doubles

July 21
NL Trap Championships
100 Singles, 100 Handicap, 100 Doubles

August 11
August Shoot
100 Handicap, 100 Doubles

August 28
Atlantics Warm Up - The Sponsor's Challenge
50 Singles, 50 Handicap, 50 Doubles

August 29 - September 1
Atlantic Provinces ATA Provincial Shoot
800 Targets

See you at the shoot!

Trap Committee

Club Trap Shooters in Florida

Recently when the snow at the club was its deepest four club members in desperation traveled to Florida to shoot at the Silver Dollar sports club.


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Notice for Ranges A B C Users

The ranges at the St. John’s Rod and Gun Club are very busy. There are many groups training on Range C  during the workweek and club members using it if not. With increased usage, our ranges can become cluttered and messy and create a potential safety hazard. Club members spend a considerable amount of time keeping our ranges clean and if we aren’t careful conditions can deteriorate quickly. 

When using any of the ranges, please do the following before leaving the range:

- clean up when you are finished which includes: removing your used targets from the stands; picking up empty hulls/brass; removing your garbage;

- hulls go in the garbage cans, brass in the buckets provided on Range B. Please put your cardboard targets, and coroplast in the white container behind the Longbranch.  

- keep the area around the safety table(s) and gun stands clear;

- no target stands, tables or other materials are to be left forward of the shooting lines, unless it has been permanently installed by the club; and,

- in particular, for Range C, ensure that nothing is left on the Range floor forward of the 25 m signs;

These rules apply to all individual users, groups and corporate/rental users. 

Rental/corporate users can be given designated, temporary storage areas at a range by permission of the club. 

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our ranges neat and tidy and ready for the next user.

If you have any questions/concerns about range use contact us. The Range A, B, C issues and concerns contact is Evan Kearley (see contacts page).

New Club Email Notification System

Hello members of St. John’s Rod and Gun Club, past and present. I am reaching out today to inform you that our new subscription based email notification system is up and running. This system is free and you will only receive email notifications after you sign up, where you can choose to subscribe to the following email lists:

     Archery, General Club News, IPSC NL, Ladies League, Pistol Steel Shoot, Sporting Clays and Trap.
     To subscribe please click the Subscribe button below or visit our website and click the “Mailing List Management” button right on the main page.
     There you will enter your email address, confirm your address, a verification code will be emailed to you, enter that code and you will now see the subscription menu. Here you can click the boxes to sign up for news from the club and any groups you are interested in. You can also re-visit the subscription system later to add/delete yourself to/from the various options.
     Email notifications will include upcoming events, cancelled/postponed events, general news and more. This system is open to both members and the general public, so information presented will be chosen accordingly. We look forward to providing our subscribers with easier and easier access to valuable club information throughout the shooting season. Stay safe, and hopefully we will see you on the range!

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Archery Transition Dates

Update for the archery shoot schedule for the next couple of weeks as we enter into our transition from our indoor to our outdoor season. Please see below:

May 17th - regular shoot
May 24th - no shoot (grad weekend at school)
May 27th - 3D shoot and start of our regular Monday 3D season
May 31st - indoor shoot (final Friday shoot for season)
June 2nd - indoor tournament (details to follow)

As always, these dates are subject to change, however if you do not see a posting stating otherwise our shoots are a go each week.

Archery Head


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